According to one of the most prevalent theories, life on Earth has been born as a result of the evolution of the microorganisms. Would you like to go deeper into the processes of the world creation and simply have a good time, diving in fascinating strategy where events take place in real time? If the answer is “yes”, then Microcosmum: survival of cells game has been created especially for you! Being a casual simulator, this game is not inferior to its counterparts in any way. However, this statement is not entirely true: in fact, our strategy without parallel! It is absolutely unique in its kind and the similarities of Microcosmum: survival of cells with the other games is only partial. However, let all things come in order!



The setting of Microcosmum: survival of cells takes place in a microworld where the smallest microorganisms lead the ruthless survival of the fittest battle. You will have to be extremely careful with each step, as only one false move can lead to perdition. With the transition to the new level, the mission is becoming increasingly complex: you will have to make even more balanced and accurate decisions. By successfully passing all the 72 levels, you will gain the victory, becoming the dominant microorganism!



If you decided to get acquainted with the Microcosmum: survival of cells world, then make sure you know that there is no ideal tactics existing that you can follow in order to make the victory inevitable. Still, it is even more interesting, as you will be the only responsible person! You will have to make decisions, coming out of particular situations; hence, you will not get bored of this game even after the few successful games. You can work out your own personal strategies and then master your skills by coming back to the previous levels. In spite the visible simplicity of the missions, we have made our best to offer the maximum opportunities to the player.



• Movement. It is one of the main actions that must be done during the process of passing of the mission. By moving through the microworld, you can capture the empty cells and fight with the alien microorganisms. In order to make your strategy successful, make sure you estimate your resources and try to avoid the unequal battles where you may lose it all. Upgrade. The nature of the microorganisms is such that they are constantly working out the antibodies. With the absence of the necessity of attacking the opponent, it can be used for the “boost” of your own cell. The stronger is your microorganism, the more chances for the victory you will get.

• Capture. There will be empty cells appearing on the game field periodically that do not belong to the particular microorganism. Your task is to capture them quicker than it will be done by your opponent. Direct your antibodies in the capture area and your powers will increase after the conquest of the new cell.

• Attack. In the foundation of the given strategy lies the natural selection principle, according to which it is the survival of the fittest. Aiming the produced by the microorganism antibodies into the opponent’s cell, you are killing its gene, and then get an opportunity of its capture. In order to make this action end up successfully, it is advisable to get as close as possible to the enemy’s microorganism. However, you can attack by staying where you are, sending the antibodies alone for the attack – it all depends only on the tactics that you choose.



After the passing of each level, microorganism conquers new genes, which can be used for its improvement. By coming to the “Evolution” section, you can create more complex DNA fragments from the more simple ones, and then use them for the increase of the speed of the cells, antibodies, defensive qualities of the organism, and also its general upgrade. The right “boost” will help you stand in your fight against the enemy’s microorganisms!



Are you dreaming of relaxing after the long day and of forgetting about time completely? In such case, Microcosmum: survival of cell is exactly what you are looking for! Extraordinary graphics with the maximal working out of all details in a complex with the space, a little bit mysterious music composition, contributes to relaxation. Tremendous and beautiful organisms remind of the zoomed-in inhabitants of the deep waters, and the consummation of the amazing image is the enigmatic luminescence of the antibodies. You can completely forget about your daily problems and dive for the few hours into the amazing world of the microorganisms, as it is just impossible to leave this game after the 20 minutes of playing, as you must have planned!



Have you passed through all the missions completely? No need to despair, as we already have some great news for the fans of this fascinating strategy! Except having an opportunity to get the DLC with the endlessly generated levels, we have a new full-fledged campaign for you with the DLC out of 51 new levels with the new game content and the bosses. Fascinating missions, unexpected adventures – the most interesting is still to come!



The Microcosmum: survival of cells game is quite simple and does not demand serious requirements for your system: it will run nicely even with your old time PCs. Intuitive interface and the simple rules allows getting into the essence of this strategy right after the moment you run it. However, it is much more complex and fascinating, in truth, than it may seem from the first glance. The controls of the objects are implemented as with the help of the mouse, as well as from the keyboard, but if you want to join the lines of professionals, then we recommend mastering both methods.

In order to fully appreciate the Microcosmum: survival of cells strategy, you just have to play one test game.
Do not deny yourself the pleasure!