Update 2.6

line Update 2.6

Added graphics quality settings in options menu.
• Now you can set up graphics quality while play the game.

Tutorial reworked.
• Tutorial become shorter and more comfortable. Now tutorial available while you play the game.

Many different bugs fixed.

To follow in steam


line Localization

We glad to inform you that Microcosmum now translated to 14 languages!
You can choose language in game options.
Available languages:
• English
• Russian
• German
• Danish
• Spanish
• Italian
• Chinese
• Korean
• Polish
• Portuguese
• French
• Czech
• Swedish
• Japanese

Update 2.4

line update

We have 3 news for you:
• Game update to version 2.4.
• "Random levels" dlc update.
• New DLC "New life".

DLC "New life":
We glad to present you new big DLC "New life"!
It's a new campaign of 51 levels with new game content. You will face 5 bosses, each with unique abilities.
Every level belong to one of 5 types with features related to his boss.
Defeat bosses and get their abilities.
• 51 new levels.
• New game content.
• 5 bosses.
• 5 abilities for player.

Game update 2.4:
• In game options added button to reset player progress.
• Language selection in options.
• Rebalanced difficulty for many levels.
• Camera will not go away from level limits.
• Improved balance for antibodies at level.
• Fixed bug when organism ignores commands.

DLC update - Random Levels:
• Balanced neutral, enemy and player organisms ratio.
• Added traps, bombs and other game elements.
• Added decor elements.
• Added obstacles.


Big Update 2.0

line update

We glad to present you new version of Microcosmum! Changes were made almost to every part of game. Gameplay, visual, audio and tech are significantly improved. Now every single level has unique landscape, that you may use for your advance. Improved AI now has few difficulty levels. Choose one that suits most to your gameplay preferences: meditation or hardcore battle. New visual effects and new soundtracks will bring you deeper to game atmosphere.

New content:
• Unique landscape for each level.
• Added decorations for levels.
• Added new gameplay elements.

• Added new music and reworked old one.
• Some old sound reworked and new added.

• Game difficulty levels.
• Screen resolution selection moved to options dialog.
• New cursor added.
• Added option to bind keyboard keys.
• 2 old level packages were transferred to 1.
• Levels numeration added.
• Interface animations and visual effects.

• Several organisms selection.
• Select all organisms at once.
• Add organism to selection.

Textures improved:
• Neutral organisms
• Levels background
• Backgrounds particles
• Organisms highlight

Steam Cloud support added
Organisms trail
Organisms upgrade effect reworked
Command click effect added
Improved AI now more complicated
4 difficulty levels
Levels background animated
Antibodies generation and organisms upgrades rebalanced
Rebalanced evolution system
Tutorial updated

• Camera scroll with mouse on screen side.
• Organisms and antibodies selection.
• Organisms and antibodies controls.
• German localization fix.


Performance. Update 1.3.1

line update

• Performance improved
• Fixed bug that cause significant FPS drop at some levels
• Changed physics calculation for organisms bouncing
• Fixed 46 level of "Biowalls"
• Background fixed


System of organisms upgrade. Update 1.3

line update

Added system of organisms upgrade:
• Complete levels and improve your organisms with genes.
• Improve and divide genes.
• Check tutorial for genes mechanic description.
Added keyboard controls:
• Camera control by WASD or arrows.
• Pressing space to select all your antibodies.

AI adapts to your game style.
Each enemy now has individual characteristics.
Organisms bouncing respects organisms size.
Bug Fix:
• Fix for achievements "Strategist", "Ascetic", "Untouchable"
• Fix for organisms stuck in walls.


Update 1.2.1

• Changed balance
• Fixed performance
• Fixed issues at level 8 and 51 in the BioWalls


Microcosmum: survival of cells Updated to 1.2!

line update

• Added hitpoints indication for organisms
• Added upgrade indications for player's organisms
• Changed rules of conquering neutral spheres
• AI improved
• Game speed increased
• Fixed bugs with achievements
• Fixed bugs with attack sound glitch
• Overall game difficulty increased


First Update!

line update

Hi everyone! We are happy to announce the first update Microcosmum: survival of cells!

• Completely redesigned game interface. Now the interface is accurate and intuitive.
• Control sustem reworked. It has become more convenient and easier. You also can check changes in tutorial.
• Added volume control for effects and music.
• Changed the way of antibodies selection. You can switch selection mode in options menu.
• Added screens of win and defeat.
• Smooth animation appearance of windows and menus.
• Fixed audio channels.
• Fixed various bugs.